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Welcome to My Home Page


My name is Paul and I live in South Florida. ( Since 1990 )

Despite what you read below, I am a nice guy who respects all people for their individuality and abilities. I am smart, funny and generous. I am socially involved in my community and politics . I give to charity, both money and of my time and talents. I love animals ( bugs don't count ). I am artistic and analytical. ( Both sides of my brain are constantly fighting ! ) I own two businesses and manage a third so I am busy a lot. In person I am really very shy with women until I get to know them...and the shy part can make that hard for me.

I like to talk...about a lot of things including politics, science and just about anything you may mention. I read a lot so I can carry on an intelligent conversation...and love to do so. I like to argue a point even when I losing, ha ha.

Why I have this web site.

The internet provides me a great outlet for my inner self. It is a great way to meet people and explore your more "secret" side with little fear of rejection and embarrassment.  If we meet later...well all this is out of the way and we can get on with becoming friends.  If we never meet,we can still enjoy each other's company online and share some mutually agreeable fun.

All guys have fantasies. You most likely have them as well. We seldom would share those with people we know on a day-by-day basis in our own hometowns for obvious reasons. So we suppress them and live on not having any opportunity to enjoy the exploration of those fantasies.

My fantasies are really quite common. My "real life" is also pretty common. The two are separate so far. I would like to change that and find someone who would be interested in mutual exploration of fantasies. Hopefully in person at some point.

What, exactly, are my fantasies ?

I like to be watched while masturbating. I masturbate in the normal fashion as well as by the use of electrical stimulation. I am also interested in just being some lady's nude butler for a day. Basically I have an exhibitionistic streak and want to find some gal to share this with.

That is pretty much it. I am willing to share my fantasies in chat and on camera with the right person. If it becomes mutually agreeable, I would like to meet in person for the same. My searching online is not for the purpose a permanent relationship although I am not opposed to that if it happens. I really hope that if I do meet someone, she and I can form a close friendship with more in common than just our exploration of mutual fantasies.

If you wish to contact me please IM me at my Yahoo address. electrostim69 or via my Yahoo email. If you don't, I respect and understand your decision. After all I will never know who does not contact me.

Thank you for reading this. I hope we can talk soon.